Monday 16 February 2009

Belated Valentine in the Snow

Saturday was almost the last day with enough snow in our back garden for play. Whilst our children were still abed, Lucy and I popped out the back for something of what I think UK tabloids used to call a Love Romp.

Valentine’s Day this year also brought a poem shared by poet Elspeth Murray (using Twitter) — short enough to write on a card, as she pointed out.
A Betrothal
E. J. Scovell

Put your hand on my heart, say that you love me as
The words upon the hills cleave to the hills’ contours

I will uphold you, trunk and shoot and flowering sheaf,
And I will hold you, roots and fruit and fallen leaf.
Chocolate heart from Hotel Chocolat in MK — highly recommended.
Heigh ho. That could well be it for another 18 years...
PS also a chance to play with the new iMovie, complete with cheesy effects.

...and just to see how the other half lives, for details of an expensove nightmare Valentine experience for poor Ben the Debt Monkey, click here.


Anonymous said...

brilliant :)

Ann said...

Awwwhhh - very sweet. Keeping love ever fresh.

Anonymous said...

yay!! what a fun
very nice liked the music hehe

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