Thursday, 5 March 2009

Everything's amazing, nobody's happy

Ash Wednesday this year the Campaign for Real Ashes reached Stoke Poges, where I was delighted to rededicate St Andrews chapel, near the village centre. We all end up looking silly on Ash Wednesday — a reminder we are, in fact, silly, and not masters of the universe, and this is not the end of history. This is the paradox: we've never had as much amazing stuff, and never been as unfulfilled. If we can’t live by bread (and gadgets) alone, what are we going to live by, and what for? We need to reframe, suggests the outrageous Louis CK:


CountingCardsBlackjack said...

good post

susan s. said...

I will have to remember "your sitting in a chair in the sky!" the next time I travel in the air! Thanks.

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