Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Not-very-magnificent Seven

Good Bible Study yesterday with Jim Wallis: His trumpet’s sound is not uncertain. Don’t waste a good crisis. We need to remember things we have been lightpedalling, if not ignoring or even forgetting hard these past 20 years: Gandhi’s Seven Social Sins:
  1. Politics without Principle

  2. Wealth without Work

  3. Commerce without Honour

  4. Pleasure without Conscience

  5. Education without Character

  6. Science without Morality

  7. Worship without Sacrifice
so that’s the next year’s sermons looked after, anyway...


Bill said...

I don't believe in Jim Wallis anymore. Maybe I never did. But the sad truth is that his trumpet plays the wrong notes, no matter how loudly he plays them. His allies are in the saddle in Washington, causing rack and ruin to the American economy - and all you all can echo out to Twitter are platitudes ? For shame. Dance on the grave of compassionate conservatism, boys, and see how much more Christian the conservatives will become - the reaction is your own creation.

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Thanks for commment. Sounds like you never did. Insofar as compassionate Conservatism delivers a decent society, fine. Like anything else. I think I still find Gandhi's list worthy of contemplation...

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