Monday, 23 November 2009

I may be gone for some time

...said Captain Oates.
But only, in fact, DV until Saturday.

As announced at Oriel College when preaching at Evensong, I’m off for the inside of a week’s retreat at the Benedictine house of Saint-Wandrille near Rouen. This is a wonderful place to reset the clocks and meditate. You can find out all about the monastery here. I will take the camera.

To blog or not to blog? Actually, am giving the internet a rest for a few days. I will post some reflections next weekend.
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Andrew said...

A few days away from the Interweb is no bad thing. Hope you feel F5ed (refreshed).

Erika Baker said...

It's important to take genuine time out. Enjoy your internet-free days!

Lucy Mills said...

Hope you have a really refreshing time.

Vinaigrette girl said...

Ah. I had no idea they did retreats, having visited the place en route with spouse and very small baby one autumnal afternoon.... {sigh}

Walk in beauty and come back refreshed.

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