Sunday 20 December 2009

Life in the Freezer

Nordic weather hits our cold pocket of the Chiltern hills, sending daytime temperatures below zero, with a couple of inches of snow. Being Brits, with minimal gritting, all human life promptly grinds to a halt. Chicago it ain’t. One of the sights of Friday was a very large Mercedes trying to go down our road, but able only to go sideways — a wonderful demonstration of some obscure principle of physics that kicks in with snow, and the perils of rear wheel drive. With services on the blink, there’s always Schadenfreude for entertainment.

I believe the phenomenon is highly localised, but some say there is more on the way. Does this mean the first white Christmas around here in years? Could be. We've filled the house with teenagers, and hunkered down for a few days of Cold Comfort, abnd ordered in extra supplies of teenagers for the holidays...

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