Thursday 18 September 2008

Baby’s connected to the Microphone... hear the word of the Lord! All behaviour is learnt behaviour. Many thanks to the wonderful Raspberry Rabbit for drawing my attention to the Revd Kanon Tipton, aged 18 months, for it is he:

Talk about Fresh Expressions. It all ends with a lovely hug, and the reverend obviously loves his Church, who love him lots.

RR wonders what Anglican babies would do — he suggests invite unconfirmed babies up for a rusk. It’s not quite the same thing, but it picks up a recent theme here: One of my predecessor’s children in Reading used to come out to the altar at the Agnus Dei, stare in to the Chalice and say “Eurggh! Blood!” He was then dragged away tastefully by old ladies in white coats, protesting “It is blood! Daddy says it is!” and similar Anglican devotional comments.

What do the mouths of babes and sucklings say to those of us who lead worship?
  • Some people worry obsessionally about what is preached. Its effectiveness is largely, perhaps, about how it is preached. Psychologists tell us that (rough figures) 7% of communication is “the script,” 38% “the Music” and “52% “the Dance.” Forty years long were we grieved as a Church over prayer book revision, paying close attention to the script. I wonder what would happen if we paid closer attention to the other 93% of what is communicated in Church.
  • I am also reminded of a comment I heard from a wonderfully experienced and effective housemistress at what is in fact often the highest performing school in the country, who told me what she always remembers about teenagers is
    “I remember almost nothing you say,
    I forget much of what you do;
    but I will remember for the rest of my life
    how you made me feel.”


Erika Baker said...

They stopped giving my daughter microphones when she answered the question if something special had happened that morning (on Christmas Day) said: the cat was sick on the carpet.

And a few weeks later informed the congregation: I need a wee.

I think they'll allow her back when she's around 30.

David Keen said...

I thought my 3 year old had got the hang of Easter, until he started going round the house shouting 'Winnie the Pooh died on the cross!" at the to top of his voice.

Steve Hearn said...

I always suspected that the 'baby language' of 'ohhh' and 'arhhhh' and other cute noises that flow are in fact, babies talking in tongues... hehehehe. As for what would Anglican babies do? Probably squabble over who gets to sit in the 'high chairs' at the back of the Church, complain that the flowers are not arranged 'Teletubbie' style, show interest in helping out on Alpha but only come for the black currant juice, gossip about little 'Fred' who always seems to have a full nappy and lastly, they will all want to play the drums during worship!

Tony said...

That is truly terrifying - whatever does the poor mite get to observe as role models in his church?

Or is he perhaps the son of Steve Ballmer?

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